"I'm so so glad I got this deal. I have started my online store selling personalized gifts that I make myself. I launched my store today. Within 5 minutes, I had my first sale...This was the BEST $27 I have spent since starting my business 4 years ago."

Evelyn Washington,

MD United States

"I never thought it would be so easy to setup an eCom shop, and the price is just amazing. I don't know how you do it.
Thank you so much. I believe my business will grow"

Cindee Day,
WA United States

"I have 2 of these sites, and I love it. They are very easy to learn to set up, and they are user-friendly in general. Plus, if I have had questions, they respond very quickly. I recommend this to anyone wanting an online store."

Bart Davis,
Iowa, United States

"I am very satisfied and impressed with the support provided by Dashnex support rep Zenia. She was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She took the time to listen to my issue and resolved it very professionally. Thank you!"

Jean-Francois Trin,

"I bought Dashnex, and I have to say the support team is spot on, and the options are great. The blog is super helpful, and the independent reviews are positive. The features and resources are promising. I see a good future for me with Dashnex, and I feel Dashnex is going places!"

Hazel Duclo,
Oregon, United State

"These guys are very good. It usually looks confusing at the start, but with consistent efforts, you will see that they are the best available."

Geoffrey Iorjaar,
Lagos, Nigeria

"I took up their offer, and I'm super impressed with the support provided. Over the years, I have used several different providers, but Dashnex support is the best I have seen. Awesome!"


"Just want to give you all a positive review. Like many people, I was dubious about the $27 web-hosting offer, but I am really happy with DashNex. Your support team is fast and communicates well."

"I really like the ease of use, quality, and customization of this platform, from a person who has tried all, including customer support, this has been the best experience of building a store."

Saleem Sartawi,
Saudi Arabia

"Hi, just wanted to recommend this platform, I purchased it, and I've just used the website license. It's very easy to use, and customer support is great! They follow up very fast."
Carlos Andres Contreras,


  • Web Design 150
  • Web Development 131
  • Online Marketing 78
  • Keyword Research 56
  • Email Marketing 98

Business Owner South Africa

“When I came across Dashnex, I honestly thought it was too good to be true. However, I am always intrigued by things I can invest in and make a return. So I tried the one-time $27 options, and after playing around with it for a week or so.
I started to see that Dashnex was evolving, which made me excited. They continuously add new features, which confirms that I made the right decision to invest in this software.

I also love the training. Super informative and gives me a whole new perspective on my business. It opened up doors to run it so much more efficiently, and I am super
excited to see where this platform goes and what I can achieve with it.

The coolest part is that I don't come from a web developer background. I am a sport scientist. But the resources DashNex provides are so helpful that I now have my first online business up and running.

Finally, DashNex support is amazing, always on top of it, and ready to help. This is probably the most important factor for anyone building a website or store, and I have not had one support query turned down because of its complexity. For this, I am super grateful.

To the Dashnex team, thank you for making this possible and being awesome!”

Jordy de Roos,
Cape Town, South Africa



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